Pet Grooming

Waynesville, NC

If you want to keep your pet looking its best, you will need more than a simple comb or brush. Depending on your pet's species, breed, coat type, age and personality, there is a wide range of grooming accessories available, as well as dietary supplements to support a lush, healthy coat and good skin. Whether you prefer a casual cut or a show-stopper style, our grooming experts are here to help you groom your pet or provide professional services to help your pet stay beautiful.

We are proud to offer the following services

  • Clip Nails
  • Brush Teeth
  • Shave Face
  • Clean Ears
  • File Nails
  • Scissor Feet
  • Shave Pads

We are proud to offer the following grooming packages:

Full Groom Hair Cut Basic Package

Clip Nails, Shave Pads,Removal of Ear Hair (if needed), Clean Ears, Brushing, Combing, Expressing Anal Glands, Bathing, Drying, Hand Fluffing, and Hair Cutting to your liking.

The In Between (1/2 Groom)

Long Haired Babies:

Clip Nails, Shave Pads, Clean Ears, Brushing, Combing, Expressing Anal Glands,  Bathing, Drying, Hand Fluffing, and Sissor Head, Feet, and Sanitary Areas.

Short Haired Babies:

Clip nails, Shave Pads, Clean Ears, Desheding, Expressing Anal Glands, Bathing, Drying, Hand Fluffing and A Second Deshedding Process.

Skin Therapy Treatment

Our therapy treatments will help with a variety of skin problems come in and  talk with us so we can determine what is best for your loved one.

  • Long hair repair/condition treatment
  • Deshed Treatment
  • Coconut Oil Treatment  
  • Hot Oil Treatment
  • De-Skunk treatment
  • De-Flea treatment
  • Antiseptic & Antifungal Treatment
  • Hypoallergenic Treatment
  • Oatmeal Treatment
  • Medical Oatmeal Treatment
  • For Him Treatment
  • For Her Treatment

Doggie Facial

Let us pamper your babies faces with a Doggie Facial. You will love the sweet smell. Our Doggie Facial will brighten and clean your pet's face better than ever. It naturally exfoliate,  hydrates and  rejuvenates the appearance of your baby face.